Kagi Maldives Spa Island

Explore our signature tropical island journeys and fall in love with the simplicity of life. When staying in Kagi Maldives Spa Island, you are bound to discover the harmony between living healthy and joyfully. Our journeys will take you on a venture filled with authentic Maldivian luxury and moments beyond all your expectations.
Whether traveling solo or together with your loved ones, in Kagi Maldives you take the plunge in simplified elegance and unveil the essence of Pure Life.

Living Spaces
To connect with your body, mind and soul, you desire to be in a safe and private environment with the freedom of space to draw the sense of solitude and relate to the nature. In Kagi Maldives, you find this connection effortlessly and it starts with your living space in our perfectly designed villas.
Each villa offers a private infinity plunge pool facing unobstructed views of the Indian ocean.

Wellness Journeys
Absorb the island energy within your holiday experience and become inspired to fall in love with life.

Surrounded by the beauty of this idyllic natural island setting, during your stay you are bound to discover the secret ingredient of connecting with your authentic self and finding the perfect balance between living healthy and joyfully.
Kagi Maldives offers several unique wellness journeys, guiding you on a personal experience of creating joyful moments filled with authentic beauty and allure.

Indulge your senses with joyful culinary journeys designed to be delicious, fresh, boldly flavored, simple and above all, satisfying!
To compliment your experience we recommend to blend a dash of socializing into the recipe while appreciating the magnificent surroundings our restaurants and bars has to offer.