hill country

Sri Lanka’s Hill Country is one of the most famed tea growing regions in the world, and is home to some of the most scenic tea estates and bungalows you’ll come across. As you travel into the hills, feast your eyes on the dark forest foliage, and beautiful misty mountains. Travel on the hill country train to capture the best views and vistas, passing emerald green tea fields, colourful sareed tea pluckers, lush green forests and thundering waterfalls. It’s also a wonderful way to meet and chat away to locals. The Hill Country has multiple options for short, easy day hikes and multi-day treks.The Hill Country is also home to some beautiful old colonial architecture left behind from British planters, many of which have now been converted into stylish, boutique hotels offering a glimpse of how life for the traditional planters would have been.


Tea and Sea

Prices from £ 1095 per person

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Hill Explorer

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Hills to Sea Honeymoon

Prices from £ 1745 per person

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