a roti dinner

As local as it gets. A traditional dinner in a mud hut – how traditional Sri Lankan life used to be.  This is a wonderful opportunity to have a genuine authentic experience whilst discovering the most basic yet essential ingredient of any Sri Lankan meal, the roti and how to eat in the traditional way.  Take a tuk tuk ride as evening draws to a lamp-lit mud hut where you will be greeted with a cold towel and welcome drink. In front of you will be a collection of ingredients which your hosts will explain to you as they begin to cook an array of delights stemming from the humble roti.  Questions are welcome, as your feast is prepared, though if you prefer, you are welcome to join in the preparation!  As the soft sound of crickets fills the air, sit down to your rustic hideaway dinner and savour a variety of roti and hoppers with the likes of prawn, pork and cuttlefish curries, made especially for you!

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