Food For The Soul

Food For The Soul  –  a journey from a mud hut to the island’s most iconic dishes.
Curry in Sri Lanka is not simply one dish, but many. A myriad of techniques and ingredients are needed to create the palette of flavours delivered during a Sri Lankan meal.  On this journey we show you how food was traditionally prepared.  We start in a mud-hut kitchen where your host will explain the techniques and key ingredients used in a traditional Sri Lankan meal.  One of the key ingredients is the coconut and you will discover how coconut milk is made and utilised in recipes. Under the supervision of your host, you will get to create your own delights by trying your hand at tempering, frying, boiling, grating and caramelizing each of the different ingredients, finally, indulging in the fruits of your labour – even attempting to eat local-style – with your hands!

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