Trekking in the Knuckles

This is an invigorating trek in Sri Lanka’s hill country, whose range of hills, The Knuckles range was named after it’s resemblance to the knuckles of a hand.

Head out trekking into The Knuckles with your guide, an outdoors enthusiast and knowledgeable naturalist, who can share with you stories of the region and introduce you to its unique biodiversity. This part of Sri Lanka is highly valued you by scientists and anthropologists alike for its biodiversity and native people. The rugged and often mist shrouded area is home to 40 hidden villages and a plethora of endemic wildlife. The best months are March – April and June – August and there is the choice of a half day (8km) or full day (18km) treks. The remoteness of this region means that you will be unlikely to encounter any other travellers along the way, ensuring that you will have exclusive access to the spectacular views that you will encounter.

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