Mask Making

Masks are used more for performance and ritual in modern day Sri Lanka but their past is rooted in ancient beliefs and the ideology that they have healing and protective powers.  You will have seen these wonderful masks adorning walls as you travel around Sri Lanka but have you ever wondered how they are made?  On this experience, we take you to visit an arts and crafts shop tucked away in Galle Fort not only to learn all about the history of mask making in Sri Lanka but also to give you the opportunity to create your own. You will learn the fascinating and age-old techniques from your host in Kolam where masks are usually made from a light wood called “Kaduru”.  Under his guidance mould your creation using traditional and sustainable resources such as recycled paper, kithul (treacle), kurundu (cinnamon), clay, broken tiles, bees wax and even cow dung.  A truly original souvenir to take home!

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