The Sri Lankan Garden

Sri Lanka has an abundance of delicious fruit, vegetable and spices which grow well in this rich tropical climate.  It is an educational and fun experience to discover which are endemic to the country and how these have influenced the food of the country. This tour takes place in a rural Matale, where your planter host will teach you about the trees, crops and local-style of cooking as you journey around the farm. Spread over 15 and a half acres towards it is located high up on the top of a mountain ensuring that it also boasts incredible views of the Aluvihare Mountains.  Start with a farm sourced, fresh juice before being taken on a guided walk where you can learn about the garden’s collection of Sri Lankan produce, from pepper to papaya, cocoa to coconut and mango to mahogany.  After observing these crops growing, enjoy the fruits of the planters’ labour with a traditionally prepared rice and curry lunch.

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