a southern blend

Tea, a drink famous the world over, the solver of problems and a brew that many of us gossip over is grown and produced in Sri Lanka.  On this tour, we will show you how it is produced, from bush to brew! Take a walk in the morning or late afternoon amongst rolling hills of tea bushes vivid with their  verdant, glossy leaves. Discover the intricacies of tea growth, its history in Sri Lanka whilst also looking out for plants and wildlife such as peacocks, lemongrass and jackfruit.  In the morning you are more likely to see brightly clad pickers hypnotically selecting leaves by hand from the criss cross of paths between bushes.  Then head down to the factory to witness the next steps in the leaf’s passage to your cup as leaves they go through the drying, withering and rolling process before being sorted by pinafore clad ladies into the different types it is eventually sold as.

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