Colombo Street Food

A tour for the taste buds! There is nothing quite like the street food of Colombo, the different cultures of the city ensure its diversity and their use of the spices of the region are used in more ways than you can imagine. You will be guided through the less well-known parts of Colombo as evening draws in, where food, often in unusual guises, is everywhere. Begin with a shot of local Arrack in a local then, on thriving Hulfsdorp Street indulge in sampling tasters from the pots of bubbling curry with packed dinner-time crowds. Grab a tuk tuk to the evening buzz of Galle Face to join families, friends and your final food vendors for a main meal.  On this tour it is also possible to look but not sample. We do aim to take you to the best and most hygienic food stalls but we can never guarantee the quality 100%.

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