Paddies and Plantations

This 12 km cycle ride takes you through rich emerald, paddy and cinnamon plantations in the charming southern Sri Lankan countryside and there is no better way to experience the local landscape than by bicycle, it is a truly invigorating way to start your day. Witness life in the villages as you ride by, being charmed by the warm smiles and excited waving of the children. These rides provide the opportunity to chance upon temple festivals, daily pujas, and the daily life in the villages, as well as marvelling at the odd brilliant dash of colour of the birds flitting by. Peddle past buffalos and egrets, rice farmers and smiling children, looking out for local produce such as tea bushes, banana trees, jaggery, pineapple plantations and coconut palms in their natural environment.  On a slightly longer ride you will a break for Thambili (King Coconut water) or there is the option end with a scenic lunch at the beautiful Kahanda Kanda to the north of Koggala Lake.

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